Friday, September 5, 2008

Supervision needed for the SUPER NAUGHTY

You know, ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom. (Along with being an artist, a writer, a sign language interpreter, a peacemaker, a nurse, a teacher, a ballerina, etc...)

In college I majored in most of these areas at one point or another but I settled down in the major of Early Childhood Education. I wanted to learn how to work with kids, nurture kids, be a kid and still play with kids and get paid. And I thought this would help me be a "good mom". I took child development classes, parenting classes, first aid, etc.. And I promised myself somethings I would NEVER never ever do as a mom.

"I'm not going to be one of those moms whose kid is on a leash." You know... those type of phrases.

Just when I thought, "I've got this parenting down"... I've had three boys. I'm a seasoned mom. I know what to expect. I can handle anything this baby is going to throw at me... let me introduce you to my youngest sporting his doggy/backpack leash.

He is a RASCAL! If I put him down anywhere- there is a 99.9% chance he is going to RUN... and not in the direction of other kids. He likes to explore, wander, go off by himself... down dark corridors, places where other kids would never venture without someone else. It's scary- so we bought a leash. Here we are at a Pinewood derby.

This is so typical of him. We are trying to take a picture of "All the Boys"- But he's off! No time for this.

Here is the picture we have hanging in our home. I am sure he will one day wonder- why he is standing off to the side....

We even bought him an ID tag with our home phone and cell phone numbers on it- in case he ever escapes from us. He's just so unpredictably predictable.

I mean... this is what they taught me in school.....

"The stages of development".. "the capricious nature of children"... I thought, "oh how sweet, what fun."

This is what my son looks like right now as I sit on the computer. He's tired! He's had a busy morning..

Earlier today, I was sitting on the couch- pulling pictures out of a magazine, preparing a lesson for church about places you can pray... ( I want to point out you can pray anywhere and anytime..) and Heath is playing on the floor with some Lego's, some cars, just random items.

Then he says, "uh oh".

That is never good from him. Because he's very independent. If he's spilled something- he'll get a towel and try to clean it up. If he's got a "poopy" he just pulls it out himself and keeps playing (adorable, no?) .. I mean... there isn't much in his small world that makes him think, 'uh oh'.

I look- he's found some rouge BB's and has stuck them in his ears. I can see one in each ear- but it turns out there was 2 in one ear and 1 in the other.

So we are off to the Health Center to get those removed.

We get those out and while I'm on campus I think- "Oh now is the perfect time to mail a package to my nephew Connor who wanted a shark tooth necklace and reserve the Game Room for Hunters Birthday next week...."

I thought Heath might be a little mellow- after having his ears scrapped out- maybe he would be content to run these few errands and just stay in the stroller.


I was mistaken.

He was in full- mischief mode.

So much so, that the lady helping me with the Game Room Reservation gave him a Hawaiian name. "Kalohe" . It means rascal. She said she has a grandson that just moved here from the mainland and they call him Kalohe too. (The woman helping me - was the Birthday girl from the luau- small world!)

By the time we walked home- he was all tuckered out- poor little guy!

What a sweet sleeping angel.


Amanda said...

I didn't recognize Heath in the first picture on Brian's, he's growing up!

I loved all the Heath stories, though. He just has THAT personality, ya know. He is very independent and I could picture him cleaning his own messes...even the poopy diaper...well, I've heard stories about that, too :)

What a great mom you are...even if you resorted to a leash :)

emily said...

Maybe he will be a sprinter.. Olympics 2028 here we come!

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