Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frindle Book Club

Here are the pictures of our book club yesterday.
As boys slowly arrived, I sent them to the T-shirt table.
We were making our Book Club T-shirt for the year and the design is basically all their faces.
( I had prepared the shirts by washing and stamping circles using a cut potato for the shape of the face a few days ago. So they were dried and ready to have eyes, hair etc.. added.)

The time consuming part was... they had to paint on each other boys shirts too... so it was set up like an assembly line. To keep all the boys busy. I had about four boys painting shirts while four others were playing chess.
Boys like Chess. All the boys really liked learning and playing Chess. Some already knew the rules so that was helpful because I was bouncing back and forth between the two tables.

( A bonus for those of you who have boys in Cub Scouts too.... explaining the game of chess, learning all the pieces and how they move and then playing a game qualifies for a Cub Scout Academic belt loop!) Pretty cool.

So as the T-shirt boys finished up... they switched places with a Chess boy.

After everyone had finished painting the T-shirts and everyone had a chance to learn and play chess we chatted about the book. (check out for the details. )

But then we talked about this author. Did they like the book? Would they want to read another book by the same author?

They liked the book. But wanted to try a new book/author for next month.

I then introduced them to The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman. (We read a lot of Dan Gutmans' books last year. He has a Weird School series ( a slightly lower reading level). They all really enjoyed that series last year so they were excited to start this new book.

I broke one of my own rules for book club. I didn't have a copy of the new book for everyone. Not good. I know. I've got to organize with parents. Make a master list of what we are reading and then just get the books. Something! Because my son was asking for the book last night- and WE didn't even have it! (I had borrowed it from my friend Debbie to preview it for our club.)

Anyway- learn from my mistakes and make sure you have copies of the next book for your book club boys!

Oh- another confession. We have 8 kids in the book club and one is a girl! She really wanted to be in the club and she's friends with all the boys.. my son was okay with that. (It felt cruel to exclude her just because she's a girl. And she would prefer to be in a boys book club than a girls one anyway.) So here's Nan... our honorary Tomboy in the boys book club. (Actually Hunter is such a sweet kid. He asked if he could changed the name of his book club from Boys book club to "Book Friends". What a compassionate and kind son I have!)

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Debbie said...

I have an extra copy of The Million Dollar Shot. They are hard to come by because you'll never find Dan Gutman at a thrift shop. That's cause once people are hooked, they hang on tight.

Call me when you get home. I have something funny to tell you.

Martha said...

Thanks for letting Nan in the book club. She always has tons of fun. I have Million Dollar Shot on hold at the library. Should be in tomorrow.

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