Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Book Club Selections!

Hello! It's October & that means new picks for book clubs on http://www.bookclub4boys.com/!

Go check em out.

If you haven't heard... book clubs aren't just for women, they aren't just for girls, and they aren't just for people who like to read- believe it or not! These are all the misconceptions my oldest son had, 5 years ago, when I told him we were going to start a boys book club.

Bookclub4boys.com has free book club outlines. Survival tips on hosting a book club for a handful of boys. Games- Activities- Treats that all relate to books boys like.

Okay- there's my plug for that!

I know in some parts of the country people are enjoying the changing of the seasons. Growing up in Maryland I enjoyed the beautiful Fall trees in all their splendor. There are many perks to living on a tropical island. I wont even try to feel sorry for myself- but besides family I really miss that the most- I love the crisp air in Autumn, I love the colors, I love the smells, I love wearing jeans and sweaters. Mostly I loved walking/running the trails that were near my house.

I don't know what got me reminiscing ... I just wanted to blog about FORTS. That use to be a favorite past time of my boys when the weather was changing. When bad weather would hit the kids would take out blankets, sheets, couch cushions, tables, nothing was off limits- and build a fort.

A favorite game of preschoolers is to set up a fort and then play "Three Little Pigs" I'm the big bad wolf and threaten to blow their house down. They squeal & race out of the fort- run around a bit while I pretended to try and catch them... then run back into the fort for me to knock again.

There are a few perks to having boys. One is - things don't have to be cute. They like things regardless...and actually when I try to make things cute, it kinda ruins it for them. I "mom-afide" something that was cool.. but I tinkered with it too much and now it's no fun.

I found this fort/playhouse on a blog named: Nothing Fancy . I beg to disagree. This is the cutest- fanciest little fort/playhouse I've seen. I love it! I think if you have a girl- you should seriously consider making this for a birthday party/present or Christmas present. What little girl wouldn't LOVE to play inside this darling little house? Jamie uses a card table for the structure and sheets etc.. for the house. Wouldn't that make an adorable birthday party activity. (Not making the house- but playing in it.) You could have a little t-party/birthday party with finger foods, etc..And how wonderful that it's not some HUGE plastic contraption you have to store somewhere when not in use? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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Bella said...

Hi Laura,
I was flipping around the blog world today trying to find a fort to make for little girls and ..wah-la, I 'stumbled' upon you! I have enjoyed reading your blog, I am the mom of 4 boys and have an Early Childhood Education degree too..my boys are now 16 -26...and I am now a nonny to twins girls and a 4yo girl, it makes up for years of dirt and no pink or purple! Your boys are awesome and you are doing an awesome job...just wanted to say hi!

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