Monday, September 29, 2008

He's OFF!

Heath is in heaven.
We borrowed our little neighbors bike. Did you know not all toddler bikes are equal? Some tike bikes are break less! At first I thought that sounded really strange/dangerous. What kind of person would place their precious tike on a bike without breaks?
We were outside socializing with the other 2 year olds and Heath was able to try both. My son started on the break bike and was so frustrated and crying within the first minute. He kept stopping himself inadvertently.
Then he threw a tantrum. ( I know- hard to believe- sweet Heath!) And stomped over to his friends break less bike and took off around the parking lot. And surprisingly- they don't seem to need breaks. They manage to coast to stops or bump into curbs to stop. I was soooooo glad we tried the two out before we bought a bike for Heath! Knowing me- I would have bought the wrong one.
I was very naughty today. You know how usually Mondays are my best days... I really start the week off strong, doing my housework, catching up on projects, etc. Today my friend Anjeny came over with (2) 2 year olds and we let them play-play-play while we "played"/ stamping cards. Needless to say- I've got a bit of quick - cleaning I need to do before dinner time/ family home evening.
But I wanted to share this tip- because truly if you buy the wrong bike... you will be cursing while your toddler tries to ride a bike. (I know- with my three other sons... we had a break bike and I spent most of the time hunched over... trying to move their feet in the right direction... I thought I could train their feet to go the right direction... and ... that doesn't work very well. )
Hope that saves someone some back ache and head aches.

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