Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MONEY game

This is Hatrick's all time favorite game. He learned it last year at preschool. The teacher called it "The Quarter Game". The things you need are a handful of pennies, a couple of nickles, a few dimes and a couple of quarters along with two dice.

Take turns rolling the dice. Whatever number you roll- take that many pennies. Pennies can be traded in for nickles, nickles into dimes and on up to a quarter.

We played the game one time- and it went by so fast- that we changed it to "Dollar Game".

Like I said- we learned this game a year ago! He was just a preschooler. It's funny how money motivates boys to do math.

My older boys like to play it too- except they always try to add the rule, "you keep whatever money you earn". :0) I have to give them credit for trying..
But no- we don't play that way.

I just keep the change in the bag with the dice so it's all together ready to play. It a fun game. Fast paced.

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