Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Tip for Family Pictures

Here is my best tip for Family Pictures.

Mom's Birthday Present Trick

Traditionally- we take our family picture on my birthday, as a present for mommy. This really helps motivate my children (& husband) to be a patient and smiling participant. Because pictures are tedious.

But willing participants often get "cheese" results.

Co-ordinating Colors for Clothes

I pull the "Birthday Card" to even get them to wear what I want them to wear. My kids don't like to "match" each other. I'm okay if we aren't wearing the exact thing, this is my most matching photo, normally they are just complimenting colors.

For me- personally- just my preference- I'm able to really focus on the faces if the clothes aren't competiting for attention. I like it. Too Matching though is distracting too. For example- if all my kids were wearing the striped shirt- that would have been crazy.

We've had a picture every year on my birthday- as long as I can remember. This year we did our family picture in April. (my birthday is in November) I wanted a family beach picture but the last 3 years it has been raining or super windy on my birthday. So I told the gang we were going to do it early. OF COURSE the day I planned... it's super windy!

Here Hugh is complaining about sand in his mouth. Poor guy.

Heath- a not so willing participant....

My friend Debbie took our pictures and it helps having a patient photographer. One who understands kids... and who is willing to wait for a good shot. I mean- this is a nice pose- everyones looking.. .but HELLO- my hair! This was not going to be our Christmas card photo.

We've gone to the beach with a impatient friend to snap some pictures. CLICK-CLICK-CLICK okay.. there you go...

She suggested we turn around and take some shots in the other direction.. What a difference THAT made! This is one of the pictures we liked best. Debbie took over 100 pictures! Now that is a patient friend- with a super fast camera.

Thanks Debbie!
Off to hockey!

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