Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Celebrations!

My husband brought home this pink & purple, frosted confection of swirl and girly Princess Birthday cake... last night. I said, "Honey- it's perfect! But you know my birthday is not until tomorrow... right?"
He said, "I know, but last time I bought you a princess cake you only got to look at it for a few minutes and then we cut into it and it was gone. I thought if I got it tonight- you could enjoy it longer."
Isn't he a sweetheart! {This princess cake idea actually came from his sister.. who use to be the princess in her house. They would buy her a pink princess cake on her birthday. But now... she's been dethroned. They have a baby girl... she's the true princess now! Anyway- we stole this tradition from her. Thanks Nicole!}

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Thank you to everyone who donated to the give-away. I love having a blog birthday party.. tonight we'll pick the winners! Yippee! and open presents of course! ( Although- I've opened all but one already- I've really been a stinker this year.)

My kids were acting a little strange this morning. My oldest son offered to make my bed for me. {???} I was making it... that is one of my fly baby routines and he said he would do it for me.

Then over breakfast son 2 said, "so.. you really don't go into your room the rest of the day , right?"
I said, " yeah, not much, unless I am doing laundry."
"So you wont be in there today.. right?"
"um... no I guess not, why?"

"WE HID YOUR GIFT IN YOUR ROOM! so don't go looking for it okay?" they are so excited they can't stand it... :0)

I said, "ya know what! I WAS going to clean my room today- maybe tell me where I shouldn't clean... ... and then I'll be sure not to find it."

then son 3 interrupts, "DON"T TELL HER! She's just trying to trick you!"

I promised I wouldn't' look for it. Honestly - I don't know if i would recognize it - even if I saw it. Is it some homemade project? { If I cleaned I might accidentally throw it a way...} Is it a book? please no cooking utensils... something from the dollar store?? could be.. they just opened one up in our small shopping center.

My friend Martha is fixing a birthday lunch for me today.. I thought that was super sweet of her. I just really have no big plans today. Just play with my boys, read and probably make some cards!!! the things I love best! NO cleaning or COOKING! {but maybe run a load of towels- we are desperate}

Also- shrimp truck- shrimp for dinner.. yum-o! I know it doesn't sound glamorous.. but seriously so good.

Thanks again for visiting!


Funny Farmer said...

Welcome to 36! I was so totally planning to come to your birthday lunch party except I wasn't invited. How rude is that? I think I shall blame Crash. She's over on her blog all bragging - "I went to Swirl's party, no actually I PUT ON Swirl's party, no actually I WAS Swirl's party!" It's embarrassing, really.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Lola! Grandma and I went out to lunch for your bday ;0)

Funny Farmer said...

Here I am posting for the freaking THIRD time today to make your birthday happy! Woo hooo! Let's get this party started!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Happy Birthday!

Jo Princess Warrior said...

Happy Birthday Princess. xoxoxoxoxo

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