Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hockey Saturday

Today at hockey- I was just clicking too slow... and for some reason- my zoom was out of control. So no great hockey action shots.

I gave up.

We had a 9:00 am game, a 12:00 and 2:00pm. So we spent a good portion of the day playing at the water fountain.

One brother really got my oldest son really angry. I have one son that takes almost nothing serious and the other who takes everything serious.

I'll give you one guess who......


My Three Sons said...

just wanted to say that i too have a overly serious one and a goofy one. the serious is the oldest, goofy is the middle. and for the record....i do NOT plan to try to catch up with you :)

Emily said...

What kind of gum is that kid chewing?

Emily said...

I keep forgetting to tell you it wont let me register as a follower?? Are you blocking me?? Huh??

Amanda said...

The pictures are great!

I'd be careful clearing that Emily person to be a follower, she might send the wrong signal to others who consider following you.

SWIRL said...

I like to sugar up my kids... yesterday they got "goodie bags" with their snacks after the game. I think someone was trying to get rid of extra halloween candy.

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