Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Party WINNERS!

Okay- I feel a little guilty.

I guess when you talk about your birthday and make a big deal about it on your blog-- your real life friends feel obligated to arrange a surprise birthday party. Thanks Martha that was really- really sweet of you! and I was surprised! i didn't think anyone knew it was my birthday! {wink wink} HOw on earth did you figure that out?

Here is my "swirl" cake decorated by friend and neighbor Crash.Contrary to popular belief- cake can be yummy Delicious even if it is NOT chocolate! Just ask my son who was double- fisting cake in his face.

Now onto the WINNERS!

While we ate cake- and my husband used his extending fork- to sneak cake off of other's plates.. we drew names out of the pirate goblet. {it's the black thing on bottom/ front on the picture.}

Few entries actually linked back to my site. {That was part of the "rules" of how to enter the give-away..} So we drew names of those who DID link back... and then there were a few prizes left over... so we drew names of those who posted on my blog wishing me a happy birthday....

First Winner was CRASH- winning a free tennis lesson from our Tennis Pro!
2nd- AMANDA- winning the Christmas Cards...
3rd - MARTHA winning the cute- babylegs, arm warmers.
4th- EMILY winning the pearl.
5th- DARCY winning the How-to-draw Cartoon book.
6th - View from the Hill Top- wins the Candy Cane Kiss hat.
Please email me your addresses and at : and we'll get your prizes shipped to you!
Congratulations to all the winners and thank-you for coming to my Blog Birthday Party!

{I'm wearing the items off the Princess cake. I told the boys- NOT the tiara... but they couldn't understand why that made me feel silly. The whole "Princess" thing is a joke.. I don't really trot around pretending I'm the princess... honestly!}

Thanks again everyone. I had a very wonderful day yesterday. The best Birthday EVER!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

I won the tennis lesson from the PRO? Ah, so junk! I live with a pro. I'm sick of pros.

Hey, I love the crown!!! Such a girl!

I'm glad you had the best birthday ever.

I posted a few pictures from the party too.

Hey, your verifier says sings

Amanda said...

I love the cake from Crash!!!

And the extending fork is brilliant, I could see Al torturing the kids with one of those!

Glad you had a great birthday and thanks for the know how I desperately need cards as I'm not crafty with paper products :)

SWIRL said...

CRASH! I thought you would WANT lessons from a Tennis Pro- you talk about crying all the time while learning how to play tennis!

But - because I aim to please. And you did give me such a great gift {carton of eggs, and onion all things you've borrowed in the last week...} I'll let you pick out some Christmas cards...

Maybe Martha will trade with you.. those baby legs/ arm warmers are SOOOO CUTE.. I can see us fighting over those.
But not really- because we don't fight over stuff ..

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee. I was just kidding about the tennis lessons. You don't have to give me any cards. Although you KNOW I love cards more than tennis. ;)

It's just that Martha hits me when she plays tennis with me.

Emily said...

Stop calling them baby legs! I'm going to get sued! Call them teeny arms for teenagers, how's that?

Rachel said...

Hey I get the baby legs, I mean teeny arms thingy's. I think Rachel will wear them and dig them. So I'm not trading!!

I think Crash should trade the tennis lesson with you, Swirl, and you should give it to one of the many sons you have.

Hey check out Rachie's blog Instead of doing her homework yesterday she blogged for hours then freaked out about some science assignment and I had to go beg Crash's son (because Rachel was too scared to ask him, now that they are 12) for his notes. So blogging is a little dangerous if you are a student and have an actual bedtime.

Swirl, can I borrow an egg?

Martha said...

Opps, see Rachel was still logged in when I posted. Pretty soon I'm going to catch her reading your blogs. See how you influence my daughter?

SWIRL said...

CRASH - Martha hits me too when I play football, tennis or basketball with her.. I think it's the philosophy that it will make me a better player {???} but really it just makes me more fearful...

EMILY- shesh! "underaged arm warmers" that resemble in no way cute chubbie apendages of infants. {better?}

Martha- just kidding.. you don't really hit us. ... on purpose...

SWIRL said...

TOTALLy teasing Martha
She's really nice.
And she always is willing to help people get better at sports she likes.
(which just happens to be any sport involving a ball... but not a puck.)

Debbie said...

Hi Swirl! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you knowt that you are all linked up. Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next.

BTW..I totally stole that Christmas tree widget and put it on my personal blog. Love it!

I lived in Hawaii when I was in elementary school. We lived in Pearl City on Oahu....

Lil D said...

Happy - belated - birthday!

My computer goes doolally and this is what I miss... tch.

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