Monday, November 3, 2008

Different looks

Okay- THE BIG DAY! Couldn't sleep that well last night- woke up early- along with my 5 year old... I guess my anxiety rubbed off on the kids.. they were all anxious.

(I think what tipped them off was last night- I made them floss and brush their teeth. I wanted their pearly whites bright and shining so.. I supervised the task... I guess they picked up on "Mom meant business" and this is important to her.)

Anyway.. this is one of the outfits I had picked out. Cute little top from Banana Republic OUTLET on sale... and I am wearing a mini Molly undershirt. I do love those babies.

This is me before the make-up artist came and did her magic.

This is me a little bit wind-blown after the photo shoot- but you get the picture.

She was able to still keep me 'natural' looking.

I didn't wear this jewelry with this top... I wore this earring and necklace with the black shirt.

(i know - It' s hard to picture it.. but please don't ask me to try-on all the outfits again..and put on the coordinating jewelry... I can't.... I don't know how models do it....)

This is a cute shirt from Walmart.. it has tucks and puckers in the front collar...

I love this sweater.. the color... I took off the earrings- they match the pendant

Here is another Molly under-shirt. (About a year ago I hosted a "Trunk Show" for them and was able to get a few shirts.. wish I had a few more. Might have to get some... brown and black.)

And then just a T-shirt with a funky red necklace.

The photographer had a "color specialist" Hair and make-up gal come along too and do me up right. She looked at my clothes and picked out the best outfits for the shoot. (Turns out this gal lives in my community- we know alot of the same people- just never have bumped into each other...) Funny how that is sometimes.

So I defiantly felt like a girl today... They took some pictures of different "collections" for the spread. He took shots of just the boys. It was fun. SO MANY pictures for just one. Family Fun Magazine is only going to pick one for their spread. I didn't realize how much work goes into just a one page of a magazine.

There is a funny story that did happen- since Amanda asked...
I've kinda been keeping this all quiet- believe it or not. I mean- I did tell a few close friends- but it's not something I was broadcasting in my community. (Especially since we have the National Mother of the YEAR living in our community... )
I know... I know.. I'm not "broadcasting it"-- yet I blab, blab about it on my blog... yes my 3 followers and my mom and sister(s) already know about it.. so I don't really consider this "letting the cat out of the bag".

When the photographer asked what day was best for me... I thought today- since the kids didn't have school . THEN I thought better of it- my kids don't have school... the whole townhouse complex doesn't have school... 40 or so kids running around.. ( We were going to try and take most the pictures close to home so could change clothes.. keep the kids happy and "natural" etc..) I tried to warn the photographer- but he thought it would still be alright.

THEN yesterday I find out the American Mothers chapter is hosting a Penny Carnival... right outside my door... during the photo shoot time.... So not just our neighborhood .. but our community ... just all here.. hanging around...

while we're trying to take pictures...

"HEY Laura! Can we use your hose for water?"

And you know how kids are with camera's everyone wants to be in on it... They've got all their photo gear... we're trying to take a few pictures of the kids on the playground-- because my 2 year old was being a pill and they thought, 'lets do something HE likes...'

Oh just get all the kids in the shot.. Mother of the Month should have a dozen or so kids.. it was a circus.. a true carnival..

So- so much for keeping it on the 'down-low'...
Can't wait to see the spread in FEBRUARY 2009!


Emily said...

Yay! you look great! Can't wait to see it IRL!

The word verifier says 'go to us' in that order 'gotous'- I'm buying my ticket today! Hawaii here I come!

Amanda said...

I got mentioned on Laura's blog...yay, she actually mentioned my name....does this give me celebrity status now? j/k, of course. I'm enough of a celebrity just being related to February Mother of the Month!

You do look fabulous! Love the sweater, too...definitely my fav. And I knew something crazy was bound to happen :) I've been in the family long enough to predict this sort of thing.

Martha said...

Well I did tell a few people that you are going to be famous. I just hope you'll remember the little folks even after the Feb. issue comes out.

lilia said...

So I have been totally out of the loop. Do I have a famous friend?? How lucky am I . . . congrats girl1 Can I blab for you?? I am thinking it would be so cool to send that little text out. Feb issue of Family fun is it? Oh I am so behind.

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