Monday, November 17, 2008

My Problem

I am organizationally challenged. REALLY!

Some people- most people I suspect- see an item and just know where it should go... they can "put things away".

Whenever I "put something away" I can't find it again. Because the places I think to look when trying to find an item... isn't the place I thought to put it away.

So to avoid this- I just like to keep everything out where I can see it. {Not a great system}

In college I worked/volunteered at a shelter on the weekends. It was a children's shelter and my roommate and I were "weekend houseparents". We took care of the kids and the home for 48 hours and were paid $50 a weekend. (So you see why it was volunteer work- we did get paid technically but not really a great hourly wage. ) It was rewarding.. anyway.. the reason I bring it up is... the house/shelter had this HUGE wall diagram "map of the house" and it was AWESOME! With so many different workers and volunteers in the house they had a map to show were everything was. Then a KEY of items listed alphabetically so if you were looking for a spatula it would say K-3... look on the map. K= kitchen and 3 was the drawer it was in.. Laundry soap? scissors? everything had a place.

I AM SO TEMPTED to do this! Because I make a place for something.. but then really.. I can't remember where I put it. Is that strange?

Here's some pictures of son4 (not baby- he's really too old to keep calling him baby).
"You do the crime.... you do the time"


The Crash Test Dummy said...

So why did you make your baby clean the wall? He was just trying to make an organizational chart for you.

SWIRL said...

You are probably right!
Went to SAVERS... should have called you... got some GREAT BOOKS!!!

Martha said...

I did notice that your counter was very clean and organized today. Good job. My dumb vacuum broke so I can no longer clean anything until the new one arrives.

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