Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleaning Lists

Yesterday the kids were home from school. I warned them a few days before that we would be doing some work around the house.

In the past- I make us work together.. but that hasn't been very pleasant. My husband suggested I just give each boy a list of work. When they are done with their list, they can go play.

It sounded so easy in theory- I thought it worth trying.

Son 1- clean out Van, wash it too, weed whack back yard
Son2 - sweep and mop floor, clean & vacuum bedroom, wash smaller car
Son 3- empty all trash cans & take trash to curb, clean toy room and vacuum
Mom- blog for a few hours, reply to emails... JUST KIDDING!
I had to clean 3 bathrooms, clean my room.

I was shocked- son 2 finished his list first! ( I thought I would have to prod him along) But he really caught the vision.

Son 1 is always reliable and plugged along and got his work done without complaint.
Son3... was a whimpering worker the whole time... except at the end... when we checked his list off. He said, "Wow! that wasn't so bad!" and he skipped off to play with friends.

So I was happy happy mom yesterday. That night- when I relayed the event to my husband. I told him it worked like magic! BUT - I had told myself.. I wasn't going to expect "perfection". (I'm a fly baby ya know.. it's all about baby steps.) I explained.. I just want them to get use to the idea and do it. I wasn't going to be picky about the job done. Hopefully the more they do it- the better they will get at cleaning.. but it's the "starting the habit" that is important.

He agreed that was a smart plan and then told me about a presentation he heard.. where ... when you delegate a project it will usually be done to 80% of your satisfaction.
I smiled, that's an interesting percentage honey...


Amanda said...

"that's an interesting percentage honey..."
HE HE HE!!! Too cute :)

We've found regular chores or lists make all the difference in getting things cleaned. Now that I'm on bed rest I'm not able to crack the whip quite the same.

My kids did well once they realized that we expected them to do the chores regularly.

Glad you found a way that works for you and your boys! And way to go Son 2!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee

I wondered why the boys took off so quickly after the slumber party. They had important things to do.

Big Birthday tomorrow!!

Verifer: comes

Laura said...

Yeah- son 2 was VERY DISAPPOINTED he didn't stay longer... he tried to sneak back out..

big day! I KNOW!

Martha said...

What? it's your birthday on Thursday? Gosh I didn't know, you never told me. How could you leave that info out?

Could you make my son # 1 a list for me? Son #2 is now grounded from Runescape, but son #1 doesn't care and is just laying in bed because he surfed for 3 hours and the waves were awesome and he was so happy about it that now he's too tired to wash the car and plus it's pouring now.

Laura said...

SURE! I'll make him a list- but unfortunately all the chores will relate to my house..

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