Thursday, November 6, 2008

Book Club- Million Dollar Shot

Okay- I really really like this series by Dan Gutman. REALLY?... Yes REALLY! I Do! But I think my enthusiasm for this author has kinda turned my sons off.

I suggested we read The Million Dollar Goal next month and my son had a tantrum! Literally rolling around on the ground in protest...
okay.. okay.. you can pick the next book... ( I mean it is his book club...)
I just love the series because: (well- let me list the reasons why...)

1. Vocabulary and Content are right on target. These books are comfortable reading for my son in third grade. He is confident reading these books and rarely struggles with names and jokes, etc.. (You know how some authors write jokes in their books... play-on-words... my son's don't follow that humor. And I know some kids do get that stuff- but mine don't.)

2. Length of book is manageable- 200 pages or less. They are not intimidated by the size.

3. Dan makes sure to HOOK you in the first page or so... no "building up to the excitement". BAMB! Right in the first chapter.. you're hooked to characters and plots..
But for whatever reason...

My son, while he admits he loves Dan Gutman's Weird School series. ("yeah, those were funny.") He hasn't fallen in love with the million dollar series. (why? why? why?)

One boy in our book club today said, "Yeah- it was kinda boring.. because I already know everything about basketball so it's like... why read more about it?".

(what? I loved this book!? It's not all about basketball???)

I asked.. "Did you have a favorite part?"

"Yeah- the time they were in the hotel."

"Really, what did you like about the hotel part... specifically?"

"I don't know.. I just like going to hotels and they got to order food in and practically spend a million dollars just in the hotel..."

We have deep and meaningful discussions in book club. :o)

But this is our new book selected and I made all the kids promise they would read this book by Thanksgiving break... so we'll see.

(How to Speak Dragonese by Cressida Cowell. Last year we read books one and two: How to Train Your Dragon & How to Be a Pirate.)

(Today only one person had read the whole book. And it wasn't my son. So the discussion part of book club really struggled.)

Partly that is my fault. I need to be more on-top of getting the books to the boys and setting a firm book club date. (all the things I recommend on my site: It's great advice!

Whew... time to get ready for scouts now!

(Look at the little angel- starting his new book club book!



Emily said...

Go super readers!

Laura said...

It just goes to show you- that if you give them the book- they'll read!

motivation {book club} helps too-

Martha said...

Now I know why you were late to scouts. You were busy blogging. And your cupcakes were super cute. Did you ever see E in 8C's cupcakes she make for halloween? They were way cool.

Martha said...

Did I ever tell you thanks for doing book club? I know it's a lot of work and my kids really enjoy it.

Thanks. Next time I'm providing the treats, ok?

Laura said...

Great! I was planning on having a yummy steak dinner with a cheesecake from cheesecake factory for dessert?

Just kidding... Thanks for the offer that will be nice.

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