Monday, November 10, 2008

Lovin my Blog Make-over!

I can't say enough about my Birthday blog make-over.... lovin the look. This is my birthday present... I picked out.
My husband kinda hates it that I buy myself presents. I'd say he likes it: 75% and hates it 25%. {Do your boys talk in percentages all the time? Or is it just my boys and my accountant husband?}
Anyway- I think he hates it just a little. Because 5 % of him would like to buy me a gift- but 95% of him is just happy that I like my gift. Only 30% of him likes to shop, 85% of him if it can be done on-line, and only 25% of him if he has to go to the mall. (2% of him if he has to go to multiple stores).

YET 99.98% of the time he gives a thoughtful gift.
5% of the time it is dead-off the mark while I'd say 7.6 % of the time it is the PERFECT gift.

So you can see- with these odds- I should let him pick out my presents, but I do it myself- as a favor to him... since he hates shopping and all.

What it really is..
20% of me wants him to buy me a gift.
10% of me likes surprises.
While 50% of me wants to just splurge on myself and I use my birthday as an excuse to do it. And 20% of me is just too impatient to wait around until my actual birthday to get my presents.

(This post wont be funny at all- unless you live with an accountant I fear. My husband does talk with percentages - but not this much. BUT my kids have noticed this tendency - so they use percentages ALOT, without really knowing their meaning or how they add up. There's always a little bit of fuzzy math floating around our house.)

Here's more pictures of my baby- to appease the grandma's.
(I am fully aware- he's way too old to be called a baby...)

"Don't bother me.. I'm bathing."

Look! I have a signature!
Happy Birthday to me.... okay- I can't celebrate until THURSDAY!


Casey said...

Thanks for visiting (and commenting!) on my BATW day!

Martha said...

Cute blog makeover. I'm the same way. I love shopping for myself and calling it my bday present. But, my hubby does not shop and when he has it is usually something really weird. I can't remember him ever giving me something that I actually wanted or even used. Sad I know. But,

I'm over it and so I just shop for myself. If I kept waiting for him to please me I would be really sad indeed.

I couldn't even wait to give your birthday shorts to you. I should've saved them, but I couldn't, they were too cute.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, I don't live with an accountant, but I thought that percentage thing was hilarious. Maybe cause I know you. it was all funny until I saw your baby in the sink with his pajama top on. Let that boy be naked for goodness sakes.

Laura said...

Hey Martha! Yeah- I don't want to forget about my birthday SHORTS you already gave me..that's the problem with getting presents early... sometimes I don't remember them all on the actual DAY!
PLUS- you donated to my give-away.
It's no wonder you're my BFF!

CRASH- em.. I don't post naked pictures of my boys! {gasp} we believe in bathing fully clothed for goodness sakes!

The sad truth is- he crawled up there himself... while I was .. do I dare admit... while I was .. blogging!!! terrible- I know!

Laura said...

What in the world are we doing up so late!
Go to bed ladies!

Amanda said...

I loved the percentage bit, too...and you know I don't live with an accountant. Al's really great at gift giving, he's very thoughtful and really tries hard to find exactly what I will want :)

For Heaven sakes, stop calling that kid a baby!!! He's so big, now and absolutely adorable...I do love seeing the pictures although it really makes me miss you guys ((HUGS))

Funny Farmer said...

Cute blog makeover! And don't tell Crash, but I really like your "Girl in a Swirl" title change.

The percentages were FUNNY! My husband is good about shopping, but when he does it I usually end up with kitchen gadgets, so I totally get the buying your own gift thing!

Laura said...

I know! CRASH was totally making fun of me that I changed my site from:boys & balls bouncing off the walls ... to "girl in a swirl"- when they mean exactly the same thing... she's a BRAT.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I love the picture of your son in the sink! That is awesome!

OldBoatGuy said...

He even has his diaper on!

andsec......any second it will be yellow.

Laura said...

Yeah! Old Boat guy- .. came over and commented! Yipee!
That REALLY made my day!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Laura!
Happy Birthday to you!

This is by far the best way to receive a birthday song from's quite frightening in person :)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I look forward to hearing about your birthday bash!

Funny Farmer said...

Wheeee! Welcome to your last year of the Mid-thirties! Next birthday you will enter your UPPER-Thirties, so make the most of it!

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