Friday, October 3, 2008

Popsicle collection

Every time I go to our doctor to get something extracted from one of my boys- they tape it on a Popsicle stick. The nurse at the health center is a really sweet grandma type.. and she always makes a comment about putting it in a baby book.

The first time, I thought, yeah that would be funny. But it is just getting embarrassing now.
Last month- it was BB's and plastic beads out of Heaths ears and nose.
Today- they pulled this out of Hunter's arm!

Hunter, about a month ago, he went scampering off with his friends to a place we call Scrambling Hills. It's a big dirt mountain they like to climb up and slide down. He came home covered in dirt. He did show me a scrape he had gotten on the adventure- but it just looked like a minor flesh wound. He took a shower, we cleaned it up and put a band aid on it.

This picture is from a different adventure- but this is what I mean, "Head to toe dirty" Of all my children he's most like Pigpen in the Charlie Brown Cartoon.
Then about two weeks ago it started oozing puss and little flakes of wood. He told my husband and I the sad tale of sliding down the hill and getting a stick stuck in his arm. But not to worry - he pulled it out.

I took him to the doctor- they squeezed out a good size sliver- and we thought we were done with it.

A week later- it started oozing puss again. We take him back to the doctor. They cut his arm open and scrape out a bunch of "tissue" his body had formed in defense against the foreign object (it looked like tapioca to me) and he even got stitches! (Our first son to get stitches! )
We got the stitches removed and it looked like it was completely healed. We thought, "Well at least that is over..." NO- this week it is open AGAIN!
(stitches picture)

Today I took him in and they pulled out this huge piece of wood. The human body is amazing. That stick was stuck way up in his arm and it has just been working it's way out.

I cannot believe Hunter was so brave. Brave to pull a stick out of his own arm. He didn't even tell the parent who was with him at Scrambling Hills- she didn't even know he had gotten hurt that day. Then brave to have to go to the doctor twice to get shots, stitches, etc.. just a huge ordeal. (No stitches today- the doctor wants it to heal naturally in case there is more in there.. he left it open so anything else can work it's way out too.)

Crazy! Boys are so tough! I would have been hysterical about just having a stick in my arm!
Hunters birthday was last month. I didn't post about it- but here is my post dedicated to my son who is such a sweet- gentle spirit. Fun loving and a goof-ball at times.
For his birthday we rented out the game room on campus. He wanted to invite his entire class from school.
He's challenging his dad in some guitar-hero.
Here he's so handsome!
Back from a Scout Day Camp
Love this boy!


Amanda said...

How have you made it this long, with 4 boys, and not have had stitches?!?! That's amazing...sort of miraculous, actually.

Glad he's ok...and I love the photo dedication...Hunter's so handsome and truly is a sweet, loving boy. I was shocked at how loving he was with my girls last summer when you guys were visiting.

Laura said...

I KNOW! Other parents have told me that. Just at the play ground he watches out for the little ones.
He is a gentle soul.

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, what a story!! That would have freaked me out. I always say that being the mom of 3 boys has toughened me up some, I used to be such a wimp about some things. I still am, just not as bad! :)

I have to confess, that fall pic on my blog was one I found on the web. Our leaves are just now starting to turn here so I'm hoping to get some good fall pictures with my boys soon!

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