Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Books

I love giving books for baby gifts. This tradition was inspired by two great women. My grandmother who sent The Little Engine That Could story book along with a toy train set and the mother of my best friends in High School (twins) Irene and Eleanor. She sent books as gifts with the birth of each of my sons. I thought they were such thoughtful gifts.

Mrs. Pfefferman wrote a lovely card encouraging me to read to my children and she hoped her gift would help us start our own family library. (She raised four girls all from a wheel chair- the last two who were TWINS! A truly amazing woman!)

I guess what really touched me was her vision. Especially as a new mother, keeping up with diapers and sleep were my main priorities not browsing book stores for good baby books.

I have some of our baby books selected in our Boys Book Store. But here are a few things to think about with books for babies or toddlers:

Durability- BOARD BOOKS are the way to go. Chubby fingers can easier turn cardboard pages and they wear better with drool and clumsy hands.

Bright and Bold Pictures really catch the eye of little ones.

Then lastly- I try to find books that are interactive. Some books are interactive by nature- these two books above are good examples of that. It is nice to be able to sit them down with a book and be able to fold a load of laundry or get the dishes going. Other baby books- YOU can make them interactive by pointing out things in pictures or making sound effects inspired by the pictures.

Books are a great baby gift. You don't have to worry about sizes and seasons- or even gender! Find a selection you like- and stock up. You'll always be ready for a baby shower. Baby books are always a thoughtful gift they will enjoy years to come.


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