Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Simply Irresistible

I don't like chocolate.
I know- that's kinda strange.

But there is a snack/treat I cannot resist. I try not to buy it often because I will eat the ENTIRE thing myself.

A homemade batch of "Trail Mix".
(Actually I just used one bag of cashews)
Cashews + a bag of yogurt covered raisins + a bag of dried fruit .
I know it's a healthy snack but talk about treat with a huge calorie punch. (especially when I eat it all myself.)
Don't they just look so happy mingling together?

I made the mix yesterday- because I wanted to clean and not get side tracked by hunger pangs.

We are on our cleaning spree.
Yesterday we did a complete detailing of the living room.
I did a deep cleaning of the downstairs bathroom.
And worked on laundry.

I rented the "Rug Doctor" and cleaned the carpet 3 x- this was as best as it would get.
(We rent from the University and while our carpet is pretty old- and blue doesn't hide stains well, sadly our unit has newer carpet than some townhouses in our complex- so we aren't on the list to get a new floor for a while.)
But it looks so much better- and feels so much better to walk on too.
Today- I'm cleaning the laundry/guest room. (It's a bedroom that I toss all our laundry clothes on.) Finishing our great-room. (The table and eating area needs some TLC.) The kids job is to wash all the screens and windows. And then the kids and I are off to Hawaiian Waters for an adventure before hockey practice.
Slow and steady wins the race - right? Also Deep cleaning our house slowly- helps us not get burned out. We've been able to maintain the toy room well... Bedrooms are slowly being reclaimed as the laundry is sorted. ( wearable items - and new rags) My deadline is Thursday... we have company coming.
My husband loves it when company comes. :0)
Okay- I'm off!
I can't get sidetracked by the computer today.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

So jealous of your clean house!

Laura said...

Your house is always clean!

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