Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hockey Saturday

We left the house at 6:45 am and we were back at the house by 8:00 pm.

Don't you wish you were a HOCKEY mom?

Some of you might ask, "How can you spend so much time at the hockey rink? What do you do all day?"

Well- during our first game- Hunter demonstrated to younger brothers how to blow bubbles with gum.

That was soo cute.

(8:00 am game- Hugh did great and scored a goal.)

Then Hugh played with his remote control toy... during Hunters game.

11:00 am game

Hunter played forward in his first game of the day.

Hunter made several assists. (He didn't score the actual goal- but he passed the puck to the player who did make the goal.)

He switched into goalie gear- so he could play goalie in his second game. ( 1:00 pm)

Hunter played a great game as goalie and made some huge saves.

Heath took a quick nap.

We then had a l-o-n-g break until Hatricks game at 4:00 pm.

Heath went to investigate what was inside the cage.

A Guinea Pig!

He had a lot of fun- trying to feed the guinea pig different things.

He even tried to get into it's bag.

Then Hatrick tried to gear himself up for his Hockey games.
(4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.)

He played on both the Mighty and Mini Mite teams.
Then- since we were THERE- my husband put on his Rollerblades and he and the boys played until dark.

It was a long day- I'm tired.


emily said...

That is a LONG day! I thought a 2 hour jr baseball game was long. Yuck! Good thing you LOVE hockey!

Amanda said...

Nope, don't wanna be a hockey mom :) I'm glad you are covering that arena for the entire family.

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