Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pani Po Po

What the ho ho?
Pani Po Po is a slightly sweet type bread... I think it is a Samoan -I'm not 100% sure. (I'll find out for you.) But it is yummy- especially if you don't like super sweet. People have given us Pani Po Po for breakfast , I've had it at dinner pot-lucks too so I'm not sure what it falls under. (A breakfast or dinner/dessert type dish.)

This is something else you can make with that basic bread recipe I've already shared. It's one of those things- you just can't get enough of!

Just as review: The Basic Bread Recipe
2 cups warm water + 2 TBl. yeast + 1/2 cup sugar
Then add 2 1/2 tsp salt + 3 cups flour and mix well.
Then add 1 egg +1/4 cup oil + 3 more cups flour
Knead and let dough rise for 1/2 hour

Here's the Pani Po Po part
You need ...
1 can coconut milk
3 1/2 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
5 T corn starch
cook over medium heat until thick
cool and pour into (2) 9X13 pans
Reserve some coconut pudding to brush over hot rolls.

Take egg size balls of dough and place them on top of the pudding. Let rise 30 min.
Bake 375 for 20 min or until rolls are brown.
Brush the coconut pudding over.

It's super yummy.
Today- I got another package from my sister!
She sent me a chicken recipe- with some strange spices to use... along with a DVD - she made of her favorite show: Ghost Hunters and some fall leaves! I miss those fall leaves. They are beautiful. Thanks Em.

I watched the last DVD she sent me- Witches.. okay.. SCARY! Based on the book- but the movie was so scary! More scary than the book. I did like the ending better in the movie. (You'll have to read the book to know why- the book has a good ending, but as a mother of boys- I wasn't satisfied. I felt haunted by the ending... )
I don't think I'll have the boys watch the movie- reading about a "scary witch" and SEEING a scary witch are different.

I just got home from hockey practice. I'm a bit tired- but I wanted to post something for you early risers! (If I wake up and post at 6 am .. it's noon on the east coast! I'm already half a day behind in the blogging world! ) I'll try to post tomorrow earlier/ when I am not so tired.

But you should try some Pani Po Po. Maybe make half the dough into Cinnamon Rolls and half the dough in Pani Po Po some morning. :0)
Then be sure to bring some by my house...

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Martha said...

Hey Laura, so today I saw something that you would like at Kohls.com and I had to get it for you. It will be an early Christmas present. Now you have something to be excited about all week and hopefully it will be here by Monday.

Oh yeah, and check out those shirts because Alan has 5 XXL tall shirts that don't fit him.

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