Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Monday

We had a busy week last week. Yesterday was nice to just let things slow down. After church we just relaxed. Mind you - nothing was done around the house- so today I have my work cut out for me. But sometimes you just have to have a "Barney" day- right? Forget the house work and just follow my two year old around on his adventures.

This costume is at least 12 years old. (My sister passed it down to us- she has pictures of "Barney" days at her house when her daughter was 18 months or so.)

keeping my two year old entertained is a full time job in itself. I have always thought having one child is harder than two. Having this little guy at home by himself is a challenge. He is always busy doing his own thing... if I try to do laundry or dishes... he quickly finds something to do by himself. (TP the bathroom, get into our game closet take out all the pieces, pour the cereal on the floor, it's always something! Why can't it be..."play with the toys we've spend good money on?")

I know alot of you can relate. Just venting. It's Monday... Family Home Evening... and I'm getting my itch to have Family Fitness Teams again. I'll post more about that this week.

We'll pick our teams tonight, get team names, and start a week of challenging each other to eat more vegetables, drink more water and exercises!


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Amanda said...

I think your mom really enjoys visiting during family fitness team time :) Love the idea!!!

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