Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slightly Congested

Okay- not really. I just couldn't believe how gross a simple fruit roll up can look when innocently placed under ones nose. What a goof-ball. I love it when my kids are happy- and silly- and creative- and laughing.

We have Fall break right now and they are not diggin my plan to "clean our house from top-to-bottom". One good thing is- some of the neighbor families are doing the same thing.. so their friends have to clean too in the morning. Yesterday we did the play room- cleaned out the closets and toys. It turns out cleaning out the costume box isn't so bad.

Monday we'll start seriously working & cleaning... seriously.



The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha Too bad I'm not one of those neighbors with the same goals. My kids will be out playing tomorrow morning while yours are seriously, so cleaning.

Amanda said...

You should consider a family government plan :) When it became difficult for me to bend over (due to pregnancy) to pick up the scattered toys, we started our family government plan. Now I do basic cleaning (kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming, the things the kids can't do alone) and the cooking and laundry and that's it. They have completely taken care of their bedrooms, living room areas, dining table, dishes, recycling/garbage, feeding the dog, etc. Did I mention they are only 2, 3 & 5 years old? :)

We have a board we use for homeschool and along the side everyone is assigned a weekly chore, a prayer time slot so no one argues over who gets to say it, a personal goal to work on throughout the week and then our weekly quote, scripture, song and monthly family goal. We have our family meeting on Sunday after church to update the board for the upcoming week and discuss anything that worked really well and what didn't and how we can improve.

Sorry this got long...I've just found that it's been sooo helpful in our family as this way I don't feel like the only one cleaning all the time. And because the kids know what is expected of them then I do less yelling to get things clean :) We also, generally, avoid massive cleaning projects as we keep it beaten down daily.

Martha said...

We did the closets on Friday and now all the crap they don't want is in the middle of the floor, so our house looks worse. So Monday the goal will be under beds and kitchen cupboards.

Hey, Amanda use those chore charts as long as you can because they are great. Wait until you get teenagers who are working, doing homework, or into sports (or all three) and all that goes out the window. They are busy doing all their activities and barely can make it to dinner.

I just make them do major cleaning on a free Saturday or school holiday. The little kids have to do the daily chores.

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