Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Hatrick!

He's my six year old- going on 12. Poor guy doesn't have many friends his own age. He's lucky to be able to hang out with his big brothers and their friends.

(picture: just hanging out at hockey.)

This was last year Halloween- Red Power Ranger... so cute

I don't know what to say- he's got this thing about mustaches made out of food. (?) It's a mystery.

I let him plan his own party today.

He was being a pill- about taking a picture- but I had actually showered and gotten cute for these photo ops today... so I made him take one with me.

(My family back east haven't seen my new bob- haircut. "Do I look like a mom of the month?")

Okay - but back to Hatricks party plans.

the menu

The entertainment...

a little Star Wars Bingo

Pin the light saber on Yoda.

and a treasure scavenger hunt around our townhouse complex...

The best part of all donuts instead of cake. I had them arranged in a pyramid with candles. It was nice. Nothing fancy- and just what he wanted. (My 11 year old was helping me by taking pictures- no picture of the donuts. :0)

Now I need to re-claim the house. Company comes tomorrow!!


Amanda said...

Happy birthday, Hatrick!!! Wow, 6 years old. Sounds like a fun day for Hatrick.

Cute hair exude mom of the month in everything you do!

emily said...

Holy moly I thought that was Hunter- Hatrick you are getting so BIG! What a cool idea for a party. Wish we all could be there to eat some donut cake- you should have had mom put frosting over them all.

Lola, I love your bob cut! Cute!

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