Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spooky Hike

One of our neighbors hosted a "Spooky Hike" for Family Home Evening. At 7:00 pm families gathered in the townhouse parking lot equip with flashlights and shoes ( our kids run around barefoot most the time) to go on a hike in the dark. My husband took son #2, son #1 was "working the trail". ( I guessed he and a bunch of the other 12 year olds were going to be scaring people along the way...) I stayed behind with sons #3, #4. (Son 3 was having a melt down and hysterical.

It reminded me of an activity my sister and her family enjoy. Even when her kids were really small, like toddlers, her husband use to take the kids out on "flashlight walks". The kids would get soooo excited and it was a nice break for my sister. I think it would be fun to go on a flashlight walk before Halloween and just enjoy everyone's decorations. We might do the hike again- tomorrow night. (Tonight- we have HOCKEY and don't get back until bedtime.)

New fitness teams..
The Sharks (Husband, sons #1, #3) vs The Capitals (Mom, sons 2,4)
I just got back with an hour walk with baby.... but this week is going to be hard... I've only got one hockey kid on my team.


Martha said...

Man you must have the coolest neighbors to host a Haunted Hike.

We better do it again when you don't have hockey and son #3 isn't having a meltdown.

Laura said...

Hey martha
You are the coolest!
Thanks again!
The boys had a blast.

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