Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Sweet

This picture is for all of us - who wonder what a daughter would ever look like. We bought this mullet last year for Halloween- as part of a "retro-hockey player costume". Last time my mom was here... my husband was wearing it, sitting on the couch watching TV and my mom mistook him for me. (Unbelievable- right?) I mean my hair doesn't look like this... right? Right!!??!
Well not now anyway- I got my hair cut.

Heath is in a cute dress-up stage. I think he's a Ninja Turtle.
Son #1 asked if he could read to the baby and have it count as his 20 minutes of reading. This is how I found them. Too cute.
But um... where are the books? Just kidding....
this picture just pulls on my heartstrings... My first baby.. .. snuggling with my last baby. How our family began and ended. (Not that it ever ends really- ) It's just a sweet photo. Son #1 is the best big brother to our baby..

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Martha said...

That is a way cute picture of two sleeping boys.

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