Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've added a new button on the side bar- . I couldn't resist...

I think my family should count their blessings... I might like to craft... and maybe not all my projects turn out... but some lines I don't cross....
Today- she shared little Halloween ghosts... made from the cotton Tampon inserts... string is already attached ready for hanging! How convenient!
But that is not really what I had planned to share today- baby and I went to the Halloween parade at school. I think it is really fun to see all the costumes. I mean- personally- our family waits until the last possible moment- and then we scurry around the house trying to find a costume. (It's a Halloween tradition on my side of the family.) But some people are so creative and clever!
So proceed scrolling down to enjoy the parade of pictures...
Here we are... making our way to the school's large field where the parade will happen. Of course baby has to stop and play on all the playground equipment first.
Thank heavens for a box of old costumes! This use to be son #2.
I think this is pretty common- at our school the children are suppose to dress up as a character from a book they have read. Or like. Or at least have the hard copy of...
Pirate School is a really cute book. Lucky for us- we have a Pirate costume from a past Disney land trip. (Thanks grandma for buying that costume- It's been 4 years and we're still lovin it!)

Here he is sitting with his class... what a cutie!

Son #2 wanted to be a hockey player- but he sprung on me last night he's suppose to do a "Book Talk" in class about his costume book. Next months book club book would have been PERFECT- The Million Dollar Goal by Dan Gutman... but we had to read a simple hockey book this morning instead...for his book review.

Here he is with his class. It doesn't seem fair- Mother Nature can have such a cruel sense of humor. Third grade is tough- do you see the size difference of the kids? It's hard to be a "dainty butterfly" when you are a head taller than all the boys. .. and I doubt anyone is making fun of that nerd in the the background... yet look at my son and the small Indian... such huge size differences!

Here's a classic. I loved this classic ghost-
holes cut in a sheet....

The incredible hulk- was cute.
And I love the little tin-man.. what a cute-homemade costume - I am sure that is a funnel on his head wrapped in tin-foil...
I just think homemade costumes are so quaint. So cute.

This child's parents have to been inspired by
Adam Sandlers "crazy bush man" costume suggestion...
I laughed out-loud at this.

A few Indiana Jones costumes...

Okay- here is son #1... with the book
The Kid Who Ran for President

Doesn't he look sharp?

Here he is at school. He didn't want to dress up. The very last second- he changed his outfit.

Another Indiana Jones...

Even the parents dressed up....
yet another Indiana JOnes???
or is that just how he dresses?

The teacher that put- it- all- on- the- line- this man. I don't even know who he is... but green tights... Peter Pan!?
Some people have an abundance of confidence!
Last night was our church Halloween party. (Sounds a bit conflicting doesn't it? Church...Halloween?)
Anyway- I work with the Primary so I dressed up. I started out - with a black skirt, white shirt and black vest... I think I was thinking a Nun or Witch... ( there we go with the conflicts..) and then I pulled my hair up in pig-tails and made a mouse/cat face... I wanted to be a "church mouse"...
My husband has a problem with costumes you have to explain. Those are the only kinds I know how to do. One year we went as Clark Kent and Lois Lane and all our boys were Superman. (Supermen) .. He didn't like that one. Last year we went as "kissin cousins" and I sewed a doll baby head on my babies onesie.... (Kissin Cousins and we had a two-headed baby.) No one got that one either... (my mother gave me that suggestion.)
He didn't dress up this year. OH! ONE year- He full on dressed up as Captain Hook... I was Wendy, son peter pan and one son the crocodile... he said he felt "silly" that year. ( I borrowed the costume so he wouldn't have a home spun/ lame costume...) I give up.. I don't really like Halloween anyway... but I'm not a party poop er- we pass out candy... we just don't do a good job of dressing up.
don't hold it against us.


Jen said...

Just had to say that I loved you rat story! I've heard (and had) a few mice stories that were pretty good, but rats beat mice out every time.

And I almost had four boys - then number four came out a girl. Boys are fun, aren't they?

Jen said...

Oh, and I'm with you on the costume thing. Who wants some boring old ready made Wal-mart costume when they can be something totally original? Once at BYU my roomie and I went as Harvard coffee drinkers. Except our cups were empty. Easiest costume ever!

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