Monday, October 6, 2008

Fantasy Hockey & Family Favorites

It's that magical time of year- when my husbands family gather around the phone on "conference call" to connect family members from California- Utah - and Hawaii for the all important Fantasy Hockey Draft picks. To accomidate the time differences in three time zones it was early afternoon here in Hawaii, After dinner in California and early evening in Utah. It's a fun tradition that keeps cousins, Uncles and Grandparents connected. They "smack talk" each other all season long and it's fun. There is even a trophy that gets past on from year to year- to the winner. What I think is really funny is Grandma has her name on the trophy more times than anyone! ( I think it's funny- but it's not really funny- it's a serious competition and my husband is happiest when the trophy is at our house, proudly displayed on our entertainment center.)

Last night we had Sloppy Joes- a favorite in our house and super easy to make. We call them Sloppy Joes but it's really just browned hamburger meat slathered in BBQ sauce-served on Hamburger Buns with a slice of cheese. Nothing fancy.. but no one ever complains when it's Sloppy Joe night.

I am soooo excited! I'm working with a blog designer for a new template to (If you haven't visited - you should!) But I'm going to get a new look- something FUN and more professional and user friendly. I don't have the exact link- but if you google: I think that is close to the address.
Some exciting changes in my future- but I'm don't want to jinks it by saying too much. Just know- change is in the air and I'm giddy with anticipation!

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Amanda said...

hmmmm I'm curious about the change :) Glad you're so excited!!!

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