Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Home Evening

Today- just a quick idea for a Family Home Evening lesson- for little ones.

Last week Hatrick was in charge of our Family Home Evening lesson. I made a game "Love One Another" a year ago and it is still one of his favorite lessons to give.

I originally made this game to encourage my children to speak kindly and be nice to one another. As you can see- it's not fancy.

Basically- you start on any spot on the board. Everyone picks a starting point and take turns rolling the dice and moving that many spaces along the board.

If you land on a heart- you get to take a heart from the middle. If the space you land on has directions, you do what it says. (Things like "Give someone a hug", "Say something nice to someone", "Took turns with your scooter take a heart", "Shared your ice cream with a friend take a heart", etc..)

Keep rolling and moving around the board until all the hearts are gone. Under the hearts is a picture of Christ and it says, "Jesus says love everyone".

Normally we just use buttons as the game markers- Hatrick wanted to spruce them up. So we punched out images from some scrapbook pages and glued them onto buttons. I thought they turned out cute- and he felt like he contributed to "preparing the lesson".

It's a simple activity- but it generates good feelings as brothers compliment brothers and they all elect to hug me. :0) Often we have to play more than once. I have a couple sons that don't like it if Mom and Dad haven't had a chance to compliment them.

Just thought I would share. I know it can be challenging at times to come up with lessons weekly.

I added another craft to the Christmas file... I'm just going to sneak them in... here and there... so keep your eye on the file "Handmade Christmas Projects". I am loving- surfing the web and trying to find cute projects.

I know it's only October. But it's never too early... right?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

You are killing me, girlfriend. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? You should be mom of the month. :)

Great idea! I'll send my boys over tomorrow night. ha ha

emily said...

That is really cute! I agree! You should be mom of the month!

Amanda said...

I'm ashamed...I JUST found this exact game that you made for us and shipped to us a long time ago. We will be using it, now :) It's definitely more relevant as my kids get older.

Thanks! I do appreciate it :)

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